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Tavurvur in full eruptionP1170577 Tavurvur erupting (day)Ash damage, MalagunaDawapia n TavurvurP1110949 Tavurvur n KombiuAT THE SUMMITEN ROUTE TO THE SUMMITP1040232 Kinavai and volcanoesP1110839 Queen Liz n TavurvurSulphur creek

Volcano trek up belching Tavurvur

The volcano trek up belching Tavurvur gives you the chance to be as close as you ever want to be to the incredible forces of nature in the imprisoned molten core of our planet. Even on quiet days, the superheated steam laden with a chemical cocktail hissing from  a multitude of fissures, the stink of sulphur in your nostrils with every breath you take, and the hot rocks and scoria under your boots, leaves you in no doubt that you are standing on one of earth's safety valves -- which explodes with devastating force.

Volcano trek up Kombiu — fantastic view

 The volcano trek up peaceful Kombiu is different. No steam points and hot rocks, but a long, hot climb that will reward you with one of the most beautiful views in the Pacific -- in fact, in the world. It's a fantastic 360 degree panorama of volcanoes, islands, seas, reefs, jungle, villages, and sky.

Escape from Rabaul in the footsteps of heroes

When you take the Escape From Rabaul Jungle Trek through the rugged, jungle clad Bainings Mountains, you are walking in the footsteps of heroes. For three days, you will slip and slide through the jungle, ford mountain streams, suffer hardship, sleep rough in villages, and eat local foods, as you trace the steps of the Australian soldiers and American and Australian airmen who escaped from Rabaul during WW II. You will head across the mountains, south to Tol Plantation on Wide Bay or west to Open Bay.

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